An Artist’s Life


Threads, 12″ x 12″, acrylic

A new year has begun and after the holidays it’s time to get back painting and all the activities that go along with it.  When people think of the life of an artist they think of the actual act of creating art.  But there is so much more to it than that.

There are many related activities one must make time for and often pay for as well and this includes a lot more than just shopping for the materials.  Most artists belong to some kind of organized group of those with similar interests.  I belong to both the Topeka Art Guild and the Lawrence Art Guild and dues to both are due at the beginning of the year.  The Lawrence Art Guild recently reorganized after having only sporadic activity for the past year or so.  The Topeka Art Guild has a gallery where members may show their work for a fee and also six hours of work in the gallery per month.  Their shows change every two months and I enter all of them.  Later in February I’ve been asked to demonstrate plein air painting to one of their classes.

I’m always looking for places to show my work and the free places are now fewer and harder to come by.  So I enter a few other shows as well, which means paying a fee whether my paintings are chosen for the show or not.  I did get one painting, “Hay Bales,” accepted into the Rice Gallery in Overland Park’s upcoming plein air show, which meant an out of town drive to deliver that painting. I received a rejection from the Heartland show.  I have information about the Images show which I have gotten in before, so I will probably enter that.  If I get in, it will mean another out of town drive in city traffic to deliver a painting.

A frustration for me is the amount of computer knowledge an artist needs these days.  This year Art in the Park in Lawrence could only be entered on line.  I could fill out the form but transferring the images of the paintings required husband’s help as well as paying on line.  Why not simply allow photographs and checks?  Even writing this blog becomes more difficult as the way it is set up changes from time to time with no notification and directions.

The painting above is one I have done during weekly meetings of a small group of artists who work on their various projects.  “Threads” was painted at the home of a fiber artist.  Her sewing machine door opened to display the above colorful threads.  It seemed like a good idea for a still life.  In spite of the expense and frustrations I intend to keep on expressing myself artistically as long as possible.  Like many creative people, I can’t help it.







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