Anaheim Beach, Acrylic, 19″ x 14″

In my mother’s day people stored their memories in photo albums with photos first in black and white and later in color.  Underneath was carefully written in ink where the photo was taken and who the people were in it.  In this way I learned what I had looked like as a baby and young child.  My mother also had saved photos of her parents, herself, and her brother and sister when they were young.  I still have some of those.

I have boxes of photos I took back in the days before digital cameras.  I even took a class on how to develop film at one point.  My photos were mostly stored in the envelopes they came in when they were developed.  I even wrote on the backs of some of them where they were taken, when, and who the people were in them.  I have passed some of those on to my children and grandchildren.

These days most people seem to take pictures with their phones.  They then post some of them on Facebook or they may send some by email.  But what, I wonder, happens to the photos after that?  When the phone’s photo space is full are they simply deleted?  Some people post photos on Facebook quite often.  How would someone wanting to remember a favorite vacation photo find it when several years had passed?  What is happening to those visual prompts to our memories?  How will today’s young people share photos of their youth with their children?

I now use a digital camera and transfer many photos to my computer.  I use Picasa, which I don’t much like but it didn’t cost anything.  Photos I really want to keep I print with my color printer.  That is how I save scenes that I might want to paint some day.  I have several envelopes filled with these photos.  They come in handy during winter months.  I found the photo on which the above painting was based in one of those envelopes.  I took it on the beach at Anaheim, California in 2007.  I am glad that I saved it by printing it.  To me computers are somewhat of a mystery.  While I keep most of my photos on my computer, I know that they can be hard to find because there are so many of them and Picasa doesn’t always file them as I think it should.  Having a photo that I can hold in my hand still seems like a good idea.


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